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The Duke of Edinburgh's Awards at Charlton School.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is the premier personal development award for young people and provides an internationally recognised qualification.  At Charlton School we offer the Bronze and Silver award for our pupils.

The award is not an activity in itself yet serves to accredit worthy undertakings that pupils will undertake as part of their normal programme as well as giving them a wider outlook.

Not all that start the award will finish; and, like all good qualifications, the inherent value of any level of the award lies in its difficulty and challenges.

Additional Information - please do not hesitate to email the DofE Manager -

We run our practise and assessed expedition in the Summer Term.

Pupils also need to complete three other elements, volunteering, skill and physical. These activities are undertaken for three or six months.

There are training sessions after school starting in November.

All costs are made payable to Charlton School and cover the cost of DofE registration and licence fee, coach, camping fees and insurance.
More information on fees and the overall experience can be found here