Charlton School

Whole School curriculum Intent: 

Provide a high-quality education to all students by, 

  1. The curriculum having Ebacc at its heart
  2. Students receiving learning experiences which inspire and motivate them
  3. Challenging students through an ambitious curriculum to reach their full potential
  4. Ensuring lessons are accessible to all students, and address gaps created due to social disadvantage and the school’s local context

A spiral curriculum is developed in subject areas that ensures that teachers revisit previous learning and add new knowledge that is age/stage appropriate.  Within this spiral curriculum teachers build in interleaving which allows students to revisit previous learning on a regular basis to support retrieval and long-term memory retention.  Teachers should consider the following key points when planning the curriculum:

  1. Teach for the content to be remembered and not just encountered.
  2. Ensure that the curriculum is knowledge rich and focuses on the depth of learning and not its speed.
  3. Focus on the mastery of the key building blocks within the subject.
  4. Ensure that assessment points are well planned with a high priority on low stakes testing.

Curriculum implementation:

Our approach to the implementation of the curriculum is centred around the principles of instruction described by Rosenshine (2010). 

These have been used to create our key teaching and learning pedagogy

of the Charlton 6:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Explanations and practice
  3. Modelling and scaffolding
  4. Questioning
  5. Feedback
  6. Behaviour for learning

To support learning, curriculum areas manage groupings of students in a variety of different ways. In some cases groups are set on ability, in others they are organised in mixed ability groups. 

Charlton is an outward facing and globally conscious school. We promote compassion, and advocacy for all members of our school community. We are unwaveringly inclusive and determined to eradicate all barriers to educational success.  To this end we acknowledge the fact that all teachers are teachers of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and our ethos is one of helping both staff and students to thrive in an inclusive environment. All children admitted to the school, including those with disabilities, have access to our broad and balanced curriculum offer. We celebrate success at all levels. Students are encouraged to apply a growth mindset to both their academic and personal progress.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the relevant Curriculum Leaders.  All their email addresses are located here.