Charlton School

There is a strong programme of Educational visits that include the annual Year 7 outward bound residential to the Pioneer Centre, museum visits, trips to France and Germany, theatre visits, trips to local places of worship, sporting events and concerts. These are combined with traditionally more social activities such as the annual ski-trip, and year-based celebration days to theme parks, zoo’s, the seaside, and other popular student-centred activities. At KS3, students get the opportunity to visit local, regional, and international destinations across the curriculum. For example, in Modern Foreign Languages, students visit Trier, Germany and Paris, France. They can develop their speaking skills within cosmopolitan environments, whilst gaining a valuable insight to the culture and diversity of areas with a strong sense of heritage and identity.


Students take part in a residential visit to support a range of learning across the curriculum. For example, in history students can visit Berlin, Germany. The trip coincides with classroom-based learning surrounding Germany from 1918-139 and the rise of the Nazi’s. Students visit a range of cultural and historical attractions that include: The Reichstag; Berlin Wall Memorial; The Gestapo Museum and Berlin walking tour. The purpose of trips and visits across the school are to deepen understanding of the curriculum content, committing experienced learning to long term memory whilst also nurturing a sense of cultural identity and improved understanding of British Values. Financial barriers are addressed to ensure all students can make the most of the full range of trips and visits we offer, with those identified entitled to additional funding to support participation.


Trips include and are not limited to:



Pioneer Centre

Carding Mill Valley

Football Champions League Match

Birmingham Christmas Market

French Café trip

Matthew Bourne Red Shoes Theatre Visit


Blood Brothers Theatre Visit

Rugby Paris Trip

Ski Trip

Geography Field Trip - Birmingham

Duke of Edinburgh Practice & Actual

Trier Germany


London History

Cologne, Germany

Paris Trip

Pantomime - Birmingham Hippodrome

Keele University