Charlton School

Students look at the Reclaim These Streets message as their school is lit up

Wellington's Charlton School was lit up in pink this week as part of the #ReclaimTheseStreets and #SaySomething campaigns to raise awareness and to show solidarity with the victims of street attacks.

Students at Charlton school took part in sessions during their curriculum enhancement day which explored the Reclaim These Streets message through the lens of equality, protected characteristics, and staying safe on and offline. Students discussed the impact of the murder of Sarah Everard and thought about how they could work together to ensure they are staying safe and making the streets safer for one another in the future.

Liz Tattersall who is the Careers lead at Charlton said curriculum enhancement days took place to complement the personal development curriculum which is at the heart of the whole school ethos at Charlton.

"One of those areas focused on this week were the recent events surrounding Sarah Everard and ensuring that students not only know how to keep safe on the streets, but are forward thinking about how we can make the streets a safer place for our whole community. The students have responded really well to the activities today, we are blown away by their maturity and ability to critically reflect on the challenging topics covered."

"The comprehensive programme ensures students have the knowledge, academic achievement and strength of character to lead safe and successful lives in modern Britain. The school ensures that planning is engaging and well sequenced as part of the holistic personal development curriculum to ensure that all students receive the most up-to-date information to keep them informed of current events both locally and nationally.